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Biplasma 3d - Loggia Indusrtia Vercini

At Loggia, we are committed to excellence and innovation in the world of design and interior decoration. We are proud to announce a significant achievement: our product BiPlasma 3D has been honored with the prestigious ADI Design Index Award in Italy. In this article, we will explore in detail what BiPlasma 3D is and why its recognition in the ADI Design Index is a significant milestone in the world of design.

The ADI Design Index Award and Its Significance

The ADI Design Index is a highly respected recognition in the field of design worldwide. Organized by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI) in Italy, this award celebrates excellence in design and promotes products and projects that demonstrate exceptional innovation, quality, and creativity. Being selected to be part of the ADI Design Index is a testament to a product's impact and relevance in the design industry.

BiPlasma 3D: Innovation in Wall Plaster.

A two-componet muldable decorative coating for interiors with a metal effect (copper,zinc, tin, brass), created thanks to the inclusion and stabllization of miscroscopic metal particles in a polymer matrix. It es water-based can be applied to any surface, from wall to floors, fromceramics to wood, paper, PVC and on tiled surfaces without the need for demolition. The texture can be changed as needed, even by mixing metals while the resistance and workatibility of the materil reduce installation times, allowing it to be applied even on curved surfaces, with particularly short drying times and unlimited decorative effects.. Some of the features that set BiPlasma 3D apart include:

Versatile Design: BiPlasma 3D adapts to a variety of interior configurations and styles. Its sleek and minimalist design makes it suitable for modern, classic, and contemporary spaces.

Visual Impact: The three-dimensional effect created by BiPlasma 3D in the environment is stunning. Its soft and enveloping light adds depth and dimension to any space.

Recognition in the ADI Design Index

The fact that BiPlasma 3D has been selected to be part of the ADI Design Index is a testament to Loggia's commitment to innovation and excellence in design. The product has stood out among a multitude of competitors, underscoring its uniqueness and its potential to influence the design industry.

Conclusion: BiPlasma 3D and Loggia's Taste for Design

The ADI Design Index Award in Italy is a testament that BiPlasma 3D is more than a plaster product; it is a functional work of art that represents the future of design. At Loggia, we will continue to innovate and create products that challenge expectations and set higher standards in the interior decoration industry. We are excited about what the future holds for BiPlasma 3D and the impact it will have on the global design industry.

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