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Mixture of Culture” Traditions, intersections, roads, cultures, land, peoples, life.
This line was conceived as a hymn to the cultures of the world, but even more to the roots, to the traditions that outline our identity and at the same time determine its evolution.
"Mixing", the integration that enhances the differences by creating a new context of culture, of our essence, precisely crosses the union of those traits that are as characterizing as they can be mixed.
From this creative drive, a collection of over 100 personalized Patterns was born, which represent the essence of the world and the cultures it hosts.
Thanks to the combinations of textures with lime-based material products, such as Infinito and Volare, it is possible to recreate three-dimensional surfaces with elegant depth by combining effect finishes such as metals from copper to zinc, bronze to tin or even their oxidations with Mantra and the Kymera. The collection is designed to be used with a vast range of material products from the Loggia decorative line such as Uniq, the one-hand material coating, to create textured environments in just a few steps or to recreate more sophisticated and elaborate effects using products such as the latest release Ceramica, which recreates the visual sensations of mosaics and resurfaced ceramics, leaving reflections of color and a smooth and polished effect to the touch. And again with 3D plasma, Bi plasma 3D and Bi Plasma 3D Metal and all the coatings dedicated to flooring such as Monolith, it is possible to recreate infinite combinations of materials and textures with unique customizations and inlays of multiple styles and effects.
A mix between decorative art and material design, through unique artistic creations and sophisticated patterns that are easy to use at the same time. (reusable and applicable patterns without the use of glues).

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